Joleon Lescott considers that Jack Grealish and Raul Jimenez could be better served snubbing attention from Manchester United as they must be playing at the Champions League.

As shown by Target, Grealish is enthusiastic about joining the Red Devils and has begun house-hunting in anticipation of a summer switch to Old Trafford.

However, Lescott, who played both Aston Villa and Wolves throughout his playing career, believes that both players should be planning to play Champions League football – something that is not guaranteed at a United side in a period of transition.

He advised Grand National: “When you examine the spectrum of teams, Manchester United are still a big team but in relation to Jack Grealish’s skill, if he leaves Aston Villa he is going to need to play Champions League and that is not guaranteed at Man United, even in the future.

“I would like to see him at the maximum level because I think he is capable of playing at actual heights.

“He’s proven he can really play in a group that has been struggling this year. With regards to if he was planning to move to United, it would definitely be a terrific move for him because it’s Man United. However, in terms of how he can test himself against the very best, is he going to be able to do this at Man United as they are not guaranteed Champions League football?

“The interest in Jimenez does not surprise me, he has performed consistently over the last two seasons and that is the key. He is not only coming in and having great periods then going cold. He’s always done well for the team and scored goals and proving to be a whole lot more than only a goal scorer.

“Obviously he’s their top goalscorer because he has been there. But he’s absolutely crucial to the way they play. There will, of course, be interested in him because he is such a fantastic player, I guess it just depends upon how realistic this interest is.

“For instance, if it is Chelsea, you might look to them as more of a chance of playing Champions League. Whereas if you look at interest from Man United, and you examine the team’s latest achievement – is Man United better than Wolves? Who knows!