If you are a football lover, and along enjoying the game, wants to win something big as well, then placing togel sgp lottery on match days are best. Is Manchester United your favourite team? Are you closely following the new and old gaps, connections in the Manchester United team? Do you feel that you can predict well for winning or losing situations? If yes to all these queries! Then cheers! Manchester United Foundation offers Manchester United fans a chance to get their hands on some fantastic prizes during the season on all match days, and all proceeds are then directly invested in the Foundation’s charitable goals. There is much more for the matchday hospitality guests. They can win a framed Manchester United shirt or football, exclusively signed by first-team members and the manager.

Participating in their lottery game will not help you win. Still, also you can do charity because the primary goal of the lottery is to collect critical funds the work of the Foundation with underprivileged kids across Greater Manchester. Gambling Commission for non-remote operations authorize Manchester United Foundation Matchday Lottery, so, it is Legit.

What are the terms and conditions to play the lottery?

  • To participate in the Matchday lottery, you should be a guest and 16 years old or more.
  • Interested people can buy lottery tickets at £10.00 each (any person can buy 50 tickets maximum per lottery).
  • The Foundation reserves the right to deny entry if something from these concerns them, i.e. self-exclusion, under-age gambling, suspicious activity (Anti-fraud measures), and problem gambling.
  • Interested people can make payments by card (excl.Amex) or by cash (GBP/EUR).
  • The Matchday Lottery of the Manchester United Foundation cannot assume any liability for any malfunction, delay or theft of any payment or correspondence sent by post, direct from a bank or construction company, fax or email.
  • An impartial person will draw the lottery on the premises on each match day.
  • Prize winners will be contacted on the matchday in person or, if this is not possible, by the telephone afterwards. A complete list of winners will be available within two working days from the Manchester United Foundation office (26 Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 0RA) and on their website.
  • The data kept by the Matchday Lottery of the Manchester United Foundation is held in compliance with the 1998 Data Protection Act and will not be transferred or sold to any other individual or organization.
  • The Manchester United Matchday Lottery reserves the right to amend or change any of the lottery’s terms and conditions by giving notice on their website for at least 30 days.
  • The Matchday Lottery of Manchester United Foundation reserves the right to redeem prizes given in error.
  • Individuals working by the Matchday Lottery Manchester United Foundation, their partners or individuals living in the same household are not entitled to join the lottery.
  • In compliance with the Manchester United Foundation Matchday Lottery complaints policy (available on request), Unresolved disputes maybe pass to the Arbitration Service for Independent Betting.
  • Any person who is involved with the lottery who wishes to make a complaint should first talk to the seller of the matchday lottery.
  • If the matter not resolved at Stage 1, the individual can contact Hayley Bushell, Manchester United Foundation events and fundraising manager on the telephone or through email. The events and fundraising manager may include a written submission of the complaint.
  • All grievances will try to resolve soon, but if this is not possible, the case will be forward to IBAS: Independent Betting Adjudication Service, the third-party arbitration service.
  • There is a Self-Exclusion policy, and by providing notice in writing, guests will self-exclude themselves from the lottery for a minimum duration of six months. You will find more assistance on the “GamCare” website.
  • The Matchday Lottery of the Manchester United Foundation is to encourage socially responsible gambling.They contribute to the Responsible Gambling Trust, which performs research on problem gambling prevention and recovery, public education on the dangers of gambling and problem gamblers’ detection and treatment.
  • Guests seeking additional information about the activity of the lottery may contact the licensee at the addresses given on their official site.

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