David de Gea is no doubt one of the best keepers in Europe with impressive achievements like 101 clean sheets and 782 Premier League saves to his name.

However, he seems to have some challenges lately and needs a time-out.

The Spanish keeper joined the Red Devils in 2011 under Sir Alex Ferguson and has been a wonderful player so far.

For years, with a lot of defensive loopholes in Manchester United, the 28-year-old stood strong in helping the team come out from situations that might seem difficult.

He is no doubt loved by the fans and has won the Manchester United fans Player of the Year award four times.

This outstanding player started to lose form after the last World Cup which saw Spain leave the competition at the round of 16.

This seems to have affected him last season as he could not live up to his top-notch performances with a lot of errors and sloppy mistakes, leaving many to doubt if truly he is a world-class keeper.

The last season ended on a very bad note for the Red Devils as they were knocked out of the Champions League by Barcelona and also could not secure a top-four position in the league.

De Gea’s negative effect had also contributed to this and has left the fans worried.

What will become of United if Dave can save no more?

The 2017/18 Golden Glove winner started this season with a clean sheet in a 4-0 win against Chelsea. Ever since then, David has not had a clean sheet.

With two draws and a loss at Old Trafford against Crystal Palace; the last goal was an obvious mistake by De Gea as he let the ball slipped past him.

The current state of David is a thing to worry about because it could affect the team badly this season.

Ole has a lot on his plate with the piece-taking problem, inexperienced team and not enough subs. The addition these could leave his plans in shambles.


This current poor form might be as a result of the fact that David is still suffering from his last World Cup performance and has not gotten his confidence back since then.

De Gea has almost a 100% appearance record since he joined United and has started almost all games. It may simply be fatigue as he seems not to be given any chance to rest at all.

It could also be that the Spanish keeper is no longer interested in playing for the club.

He has been linked on a move to Spain several times as Real Madrid has been interested in signing the keeper for quite some time now but Manchester united has tagged him Untouchable and offered him a better contract instead.

He might just be another player unhappy with the club but has been quiet about it.


De Gea needs a time out. Other keepers like Romero and Lee Grant should also start featuring in some EPL matches so as to give David a time to reset again.

Lastly, if he feels uncomfortable in the club, he should be allowed to leave in the summer as he has been a professional servant over the years.