There is no doubt that the Premier League has witnessed some incredible teams down the years. Arsenal’s invincible side, Manchester United’s treble-winning side, the list goes on. Although in recent years the previous giants of the Premier League have evidently fallen.

The Premier League is, and will always, be the best league in the world. It is full of extremely talented coaches and players, and our English shores should be forever grateful.

Back in the 2012-13 season, the greatest manager of all time bowed out of the game – Sir Alex Ferguson. Ever since Ferguson’s retirement, United have never been the same. Numerous world-class managers have taken on the job and failed, namely Louis Van Gaal & Jose Mourinho.

The recent failure of United has meant they haven’t competitively challenged for a title for over six years. This has allowed other teams such as Spurs to build, and under Mauricio Pochettino this was achieved.

Arsenal is another huge club in England, but hasn’t won a Premier League title since the 2003-04 season. This team was filled with extraordinary talent from all across the world. Arsene Wenger made this side unbeaten in an entire season which had never been seen before, they were incredible. Although in this current season, Arsenal are far from there former self.

The Premier League’s top six has mostly been the same for the past six / seven years. This season has seen many teams rise whist others continue to fall. However, no credit can be taken away from the likes of Sheffield United and Leicester City who have been exceptional this season. Although table-toppers Liverpool have been sensational and seem to be uncatchable.

Liverpool and United have arguably one of the biggest rivalries in football. The current comparison of each squad at present is simply incomparable due to the gulf in quality. United currently sits 5th despite having there worst start to a Premier League season. Liverpool currently sit at the top with United trailing by a shocking 33 points.

Fellow Premier League giants Arsenal currently sits in 10th place which is simply unforgivable. Under the legendary Arsene Wenger, they were a consistent top-four club. This allowed the club to play top tier European football, although similarly to United this hasn’t been a regular occurrence in recent years.

Without taking any credit away from Liverpool the current standard from other top teams has been poor. Many sides haven’t stepped up this season. Teams such as Sheffield United and Wolves have been able to stamp authority on the league, but would this have been possible 10 years ago?