The former Red Devils striker believes that the French midfielder would flourish at Juventus or Real Madrid, but expects to see him stay at Old Trafford.

Paul Pogba is unfairly criticised at Manchester United, States Dimitar Berbatov, with the World Cup winner urged to shun attention from Juventus and Real Madrid and establish a point at Old Trafford.

Transfer talk continues to swirl around the France international midfielder, with the longstanding fascination with his services held by major sides in Italy and Spain.

It’s been suggested that United no longer desire the 27-year-old, with January signing Bruno Fernandes filling a creative void in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s engine room.

Berbatov, however, wants to watch Pogba — who’s been restricted to only eight looks through injury this year — paired with the Portuguese playmaker and silence his detractors in fashion.

The former United striker told Betfair: “Once more there’s a good deal of talk about Paul Pogba and his potential.

“He has not played for quite a long time, people are asking questions of himdoes he need to play, how long does it take for him to return, when he comes back will he be able to play with Bruno Fernandes, how will he fit in the team – all of these are unanswered questions which sooner or later we’ll find out.

“I want him to remain at United and I wish to see him perform alongside Fernandes along with the staff, if not there will always be a staff awaiting Pogba, if that’s Real Madrid, Juventus or somebody else who knows, but he’ll fit in everywhere.

“The criticism Pogba gets is unjust and he, like any other players, get criticised only for the sake of it, it does not matter what he does.

“He’s doing what he can to get fit and to help his group since I’ve seen firsthand the way he used to train with us as a boy, with ambition and the aspiration to be among the best, so I do not doubt his work ethic and desire to become better. He will want to do right now is play soccer, we’re all human beings as much as you attempt to prevent it, criticism always gets to you.

“I would love to see Pogba get healthy as soon as possible and not get hurt again, so he can do what he does best and we could see him play football.

“If he had been to proceed, wherever he goes he is going to be fine.

“He understands that if it is not working out that there’s always a team awaiting him a place else and when he moves he will play and do well. Look at Romelu Lukaku, I mean exactly what the f*ck? It did not work out for him at United and he has been reborn at Inter, how can you explain that?

“It is human nature, sometimes you just don’t feel comfortable in 1 place because the criticism is too much, you shut yourself off and do not let people in. You think to yourself:’It does not matter what I do, nobody enjoys it,’ then you proceed and you score 23 goals for your new team.

“One thing I’ll say about the Real Madrid rumours is, remember Zinedine Zidane is boss there and when you’ve got a boss or other players in the same country you constantly talk and know you will get on, particularly talking the same language, it makes you feel comfortable and that’s not to be underestimated in this circumstance.”

Zidane has spoken of his admiration for Pogba previously , which has retained the Madrid gossip ticking over, whilst various figures at Juventus have confessed that they would welcome the chance to bring the former fan favorite back to Turin.