Manchester United might feel as though they can challenge for the Premier League title if they are to make the right additions, however achieving a regular spot in the top four should perhaps be the main goal for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side at the moment.

Indeed, the club managed to obtain that achievement last season, but their 2020/21 campaign has already faltered. The Red Devils were beaten by Crystal Palace in their opener and things looked far from great on the pitch.

And, according to historical data uncovered by Betway Football, they can ill-afford anymore slip ups as the first 10 games of the Premier League season can prove extremely vital in qualifying for a place in the UEFA Champions League.

There is no doubt that England’s top-flight has become even tougher as the years have progressed, however what has happened over the last decade is rather remarkable with all things considered.


Between 2001-2010, eight different teams had been able to say that they were in fourth place after the first 10 games, however the 2010-2020 period has seen that list become a rather exclusive six – Manchester City, Chelsea, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Manchester United; the so-called ‘Big Six’.

Indeed, there has been proof that a fast start in the pursuit of Champions League football for the following season is hugely beneficial, with teams that finish fourth having picked up an average of 19.1 points in the first 10 games – six wins and a draw (in simplistic terms).

Manchester United did manage to qualify for, arguably, the biggest club competition with a low 15 points tally back in 2014/15, although that is perhaps an outlier in what other teams have been able to achieve.

Indeed, their opening day defeat against Crystal Palace has already put them on the back foot and there is very little margin for error for Solskjaer’s side moving forward in what is a crucial spell.

The Old Trafford outfit still have Brighton and Hove Albion (away), Tottenham Hotspur (home), Newcastle United (away), Chelsea (home), Arsenal (home), Everton (away), West Bromwich Albion (home), Southampton (away) and West Ham United (away).

Indeed, there are numerous tricky games involved in that period, with three games against fellow ‘Big Six’ opposition, whilst all the others have the potential of making the encounter between the two sides rather challenging.

Whether Solskjaer’s Manchester United can achieve around 19 points from their next nine games remains to be seen but recent trends would suggest it is more important for them to do it now, rather than trying to obtain them in the middle and towards the end of the season.

Perhaps if Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, Paul Poga, David De Gea and Anthony Martial all step-up, then maybe they will just do it.