The lack of squad depth in the Manchester United squad has affected the club. It isn’t business as usual anymore at the club with the Red Devils struggling to stay afloat. It has been from one loss to another draw for the club and most of the problem is with the club unable to function properly in their forward ranks.

In a previous article, one of the solutions highlighted to the problem is for the club manager, Ole Gunnar to bring in reinforcement when the transfer window resumes in January and the club has been linked with many players but we have not been able to ascertain any of it.

One of such news making the round is that of West Ham youngster, Declan Rice. There has been a report that Manchester United has made a move for the youngster and is willing to pay a whopping £80 million for him.

Transfer rumours are however part of the trade these days with how social media and some other factors affect the dissemination of that news. It’s best to not decide yet until it comes from the horse’s mouth itself which we might not be seeing or hearing for a while until maybe the deal is confirmed.

But what if the deal happens and Manchester United signs Declan Rice? He fits into the United strategy of signing talented young English players but will he be the best option for the club?

£80 million is too much for Declan Rice

The young defensive midfielder is good and there is still room for improvement in his style of play but that is not even the problem with signing him. We have seen it that conceding goals is not Manchester United’s problem this season but scoring them has been. Due to that, bringing in a defensive midfielder does not seem like a very wise move for the club.

This season, Manchester United has scored only 13 goals in 11 matches. With this, it is safe to say what the club needs are attackers, strikers, creative midfielders, and wingers.

United’s net spend this season was just £74 million. When serious investment is needed in the attack, the club just can’t go around overpaying for a defensive midfielder.

Nemanja Matic will need replacing, but United must prioritize accordingly.

Buy James Maddison for £80 million instead and solve the creativity issue.

Declan Rice is a talented player no doubt but that does not mean Manchester United should splash £80 million on him just because West Ham asked for it. Can we say he is worth that price? Even though the 20-year-old is young and has enough room to learn and develop on the job, but is £80 million a price Manchester United is willing to pay for that risk?

Apart from being an unnecessary stretch on the club’s budget they might want to reconsider, it will also weigh heavily on the youngster. Spending that much on bringing him in means expectation on his performance will be high and that is not the kind of pressure he needs this time of his career.


Manchester United is in a fix right now and they need to be careful with the decisions they make. The transfer window’s resumption is fast approaching and clubs will have been making moves. If the club must move forward, Manchester United must strengthen the squad depth.