When making the step up to a bigger team, a different type of pressure comes with it. Sometimes it is a bigger city or country, a different work ethic or a different culture occasionally in terms of winning mentality.

All of these were challenges placed in front of former Swansea winger Daniel James when he signed for Manchester United and he has embraced it with open arms, thrived on it even.

In four games, he has already scored three times with some good performances. His apparent hunger and desire to succeed and make good on his huge role at the club is a breath of fresh air to fans. Or should it?

No disrespect to Daniel but when you have a team that features Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, three talented players who have done it at this stage and have been given an even bigger role to do more and still they rely solely on a relatively unknown player, there are obviously problems at United.

It is one thing for him to shine along with his teammates and then we get the impression their form is rubbing off on him but it is something totally different when the sole called leaders are being galvanized by him. It goes from encouraging to scary real fast.

Against Southampton last Saturday, Daniel James had more touches (58) than any other player in the front four. The next person (Mata) had 40 according to Whoscored.

The Welshman even had more touches in the box (16) than the striker, Marcus Rashford (11).

Even further proof of their reliance on him. Not a good sight.

It once again introduces the question of why United didn’t get replacements in for players they lost and people might continue to make that inquest at least until January.

The key players which have been on the team before the new signings have not been good acts to follow as of yet and it makes one afraid for those new players coming into that atmosphere. Sometimes you can not be better than your environment.

It must be worrying for the manager too. James worth less than 20 million quid and could just be going through a honeymoon phase as the new signing. Solskjaer might quickly dismiss that thought but the fact that it may have crossed his mind means the team are really in trouble.

It may just be speculation but one that is very likely to be reality considering what is going on during play on the pitch.

Maybe the international break is a blessing in disguise for them. Most of these players play for reputable countries who tend to win a lot of matches. A little bit of winning might help the players to regain some of that confidence in themselves and mentality that is lacking at the club.

After the international duty, they face a dangerous Leicester City away side who are above them on the table and looking to take advantage of their shaky form and steal a result from the theatre of dreams.