Throwing money at the problem: Could these three new signings rescue Manchester United’s season?

There is an apparent problem with the current Manchester United squad, one that has been lingering on for a while and might see United lose the glory that once held the club together. It will be unfair to expect the fans to continue being patient even with all the club is going through at the moment and that is why we support those asking for a rapid change.

United are suffering from a lack of squad depth and even though it might not be an easy problem to tackle as much as we think it is clearly a problem that has been recognized and one which a quick and permanent solution should be put in place to arrest.

Right from the defence to midfield and attack, United suffers creativity and will continue to see the condition of the club deteriorate if a solution isn’t put in place quick enough.

It is understandable that ‘the big man shoes’ that Sir Alex Ferguson left might be hard for other managers to fit into but it has been more than five years since he left and that is about all the time a club really needs to get their acts right.

United are currently in the seventh position in the Premier League table and we have seen them drop as low as twelfth position in the last weeks. So far, their performances and form is not the type you expect to see from the thirteen times Premier League winners but guess clubs can’t ride only on old glory anymore.

Amidst news of United bringing in new players when the transfer window resumes in January, some names have popped up that are likely to join the club in January. Let’s have a quick look at them and how they’ve performed so far.

Gareth Bale

The 30-year-old Frenchman’s deal could be a part of the deal that will see Paul Pogba move to Real Madrid. In a way, it is not so much of a good deal for United seeing as they will be losing one of their creative midfielders.

The Frenchman has played a total of 22 matches this season, making it a total of 852 minutes across all competition. Through all the games, he has scored six goals and has three assists. He has an average of 3.6 shots per game, 1.3 key passes per game, 1.5 dribbles per game and 1.1 fouled per game.

Defensively, he has an average total of 0.5 tackles, 0.3 interceptions, 0.8 clearances, and 0.1 blocks. (WhoScored)

Bruno Fernandes

The exit of Paul Pogba will definitely leave Manchester United short in the midfield hence the need to bring in a replacement.

He has played a total of 24 games across all competition this season, making it a total of 1432 minutes, scoring nine goals with six assists. He has an average of 3.6 shots per game, 2.8 key passes per game, 1.6 dribbles per game and fouled 0.4 per game.

Defensively, he averages a total of 1.8 tackles, 0.4 interceptions, 0.8 clearance and 0.1 blocks. (WhoScored)

Erling Haaland

United should also be looking for more firepower upfront seeing as the club’s attack has been a sort of a toothless dog over the last couple of matches.

He has played a total of 24 games across all competition this season making it a total of 271 minutes in total. Through those matches, he has scored 39 goals, has 2.8 shots per game, 0.5 key passes per game, and fouled 0.3.

Defensively, he has an average total of 0.3 tackles, 0.3 interceptions, and one clearance. (WhoScored)

The main question

United might be ready to sign these players but also, will the environment be enough for them to get everything together.

These players are incredible players and they can surely help the club get back into the same category as the big clubs in the Premier League.

United should go all out to bring these players in and we might be seeing developments sooner than we expected.