So far this season, it has been established that Manchester United suffer from an apparent lack of squad depth. Even though the problem is not with the defense as it is not with the club conceding goals but actually scoring them, we can agree that the club doesn’t have a strong attacking force.

While the club is struggling to get its feet on the ground again, we watch as the thirteen times Premier League champions become a toothless dog that poses no threat to anybody.

This season has been tough for the Red Devils and it is not just this season but also the ones after it. The problems started since Sir Alex Ferguson retired. The club has had four managers since then and still haven’t been able to find the right one.

Just like the others, Ole Gunnar, the current club manager still struggles to get things together and a lot of fans have started asking that the manager be kicked out of the club. Even though the club is currently seventh in the Premier League table, we have seen them drop to as low as twelfth, even with the fear of seeing them enter the relegation zone.

There are a lot that needs to be sorted with the club and the attacking force is one major part. If Manchester United must get back to the Red Devils we used to know, they need to first make sure their attack is seen as dangerous and a threat to opponents.

Over time, people have agreed that the only way to solve that problem is for the club to bring in new players when the transfer window resumes in January but they might have found a solution but don’t know it just yet.

Many people might not see it just yet but Daniel James is slowly becoming an attack machine for Manchester United. The 21-year-old Wales international has been in impressive form so far for Manchester United and is arguably undroppable in his current form.

The youngster was given a chance to shine during Manchester United’s opening game against Chelsea – that was his debut for Manchester United – and the Welshman made good use of the opportunity which has earned him a spot in Ole Gunnar’s team.

For a youngster who started impressing in his first season playing on this level, he sure has a talent that needs to be paid careful attention to. Apart from the fact that he is young and will be agile, his attitude and work-rate are fantastic and rare to find.

For anyone that has been watching him play and has paid close attention to him, they should be able to tell that his performances are getting better.

With James on the right and Marcus Rashford on the left, paired with Anthony Martial, Manchester United might have just found the solution to a problem the club has been struggling to solve in years.

It is interesting to see Daniel James grow more confident in the wing. He has played 12 Premier League games for Manchester United this season and has scored three, averaging 0.25 goals per match. He has had 18 shots with eight on target and 44% shooting accuracy. He has also had two assists, 280 passes, averaging 23.33 passes per match, creating four big chances. He has 46 crosses, six accurate long balls and 17% cross accuracy. (Premier League stat)

He is a gem and Manchester United should keep him in the club, develop him and make his talent known to the world.


The Manchester United attacking force might seem like it’s just part of the problem and not really the main thing to focus on but the idea is to come on the pitch and win games but when they lack an attacking force that can secure the win for them then that might be hard to accomplish.

Daniel James is a talent that should be preserved and he can develop into a greater and better player than he currently is if he gets the right environment to thrive.