Paul Pogba Manchester United tactical analysis statistics
Artwork by @chapulana

On 29 January Manchester United rescued a late draw at home to Burnley, in which Paul Pogba scored a penalty to get United back in the game on 86 minutes before Victor Lindelöf’s dramatic 91st minute equaliser.

In that game Pogba took seven shots, more than any other United player. The Frenchman recorded an xG rating of 1.32, also higher than any of his teammates, though this included his penalty that made up 0.76 of his xG.

If we take the penalty out of the equation, that comes to an xG of 0.56, somewhat higher than Pogba’s average xG for the season of 0.34 up until that game (excluding penalties). I say up until that game, because since then something has happened. United’s record signing has seen his xG drop to just 0.11 per game (excluding penalties) in the nine Premier League games since that date.

As we can see from the graph below of Pogba’s xG per 90-minute blocks, there has been a marked decrease in Pogba’s goal threat since that meeting with Burnley on 29 January.

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