The Premier League this season has seen an influx of young talent come into the bigger clubs.

These youngsters have had excellent starts to their League seasons for their clubs and already their fans at raving about their young talents and how far their exploits will take them this season.

No two ‘top’ clubs symbolize youthful exuberance like Chelsea and Manchester United.

Be it by design or obligation, these two teams have in their ranks some elite young talent.

According to Transfermarkt, both teams along with Southampton have featured the youngest starting lineup so far this season (24 years).

Two young players who have given fans of these two Clubs so much hope and enthusiasm for the future are wide players Daniel James and Christian Pulisic.

One arrived as a relatively unknown youngster, the other as one of Europe’s hottest young talents and both have impressed.

Playing Styles

So far Daniel James has shown with his play that he would rather get in behind the defence with his blistering pace rather than come short to take the ball. He has more of an eye for goal than Pulisic does.

This is further endorsed by the way he has scored his two goals (from six total shots) so far this season by running in behind the defence and finishing.

Also, the fact that he has only completed one dribble in his three games played further approves the point.

Pulisic, on the other hand, is a more creative and technical player who can create more than he can score.

Both players have had a very similar number of touches in the box this season with James having 18 touches and Pulisic having 17.

He has taken three shots (none on target) so far this season but has created one big chance according to the Premier League’s stats index and has given four key passes and one assist this season so far.

His 134 touches so far this season on the ball is 20 more than Daniel James’ and this shows a bigger involvement on the ball. He has also completed four dribbles compared the one completed dribble that the Welshman has.

Although Pulisic has had some good moments, he is still a player that was signed for £55m. Some expectations come with that price tag that he is yet to fulfil.

Daniel James has a lot less pressure on him in that regard because he was signed for £17m which has allowed him to slowly but surely settle into the squad.


Both are brilliant young players whose playing styles blend well with the systems they play under.

Both players will grow in stature and confidence as they continue to understand the Premier League.

Their education on the Premier League continues this weekend as they gear up for some more action.