The struggle to go forward: The pressing Manchester United problem that needs to be addressed

Manchester United has not had an excellent start of the season. In fact, it’s been staggering for the club since Sir Alex Ferguson resigned as the club has continued trying new managers and hoping one of them would sync with the club and take it back to its old days of glory.

The thirteen times Premier League winners now sit in 10th position after losing 1-0 against Bournemouth over the weekend. This followed their impressive wins and the club would have made it three in a row had they won at the Vitality Stadium.

However, Bournemouth had given the Red Devils a run for their money, showing an incredible spirit to win and fighting through it to the end.

Out of this all, it really showed that Manchester United played woefully especially in their attack. It doesn’t even need too much observation before one sees the club struggling to go forward. As sad as that is, we can only say that Manchester United has finally become a pale shadow of the club that used to be feared for its aggressiveness in the attack. The days we sang ‘glory, glory, Manchester United’ and sang it with pride because the glory was really there.

While speaking to Match of the Day as seen on Mirror UK, former footballer and pundit, Alan Shearer, pinpointed the problem Manchester United is facing and expressed his concerns with the club being woeful at going forward.

“I liked the first five minutes and the last five minutes where they at least showed a little bit of urgency.

“I thought they were woeful going forward.

“They were chasing the game, particularly in the second half.

“You’ve got [Anthony] Martial and [Marcus] Rashford, both who you’re looking at to get you back into the game, and neither were in the box [on occasions], they can’t get the ball into the box because there’s nobody in the box.

“That made it easier for Bournemouth than it needed to be.”

Why it is a problem for Manchester United

If you want to win games, it is very necessary for you to go forward and make it count when you do. Watching this present Manchester United squad play, one can easily see there is no urgency in the team’s playing style.

The wings are there to play at their best but after all the work and when they are ready to finish with a deadly strike, it goes to waste, simply because there is no one in the box to deliver to.

As it stands, it is safe to say the club suffers from an apparent lack of squad depth. Having sold Lukaku and Sanchez and not getting a replacement for them, it has started to show how much those players do in the team and why it is an unwise move to offload players like them and not get replacements.


It has become a great concern that Manchester United, a club that is desperately trying to get back into the Champions League, either through the Premier League’s top-four finish or winning the Europa League is found wanting in the attack.

This can only end in two ways by January. Either Solskjaer brings in more man-power or loses his job. And as it is with the club, their performance and all, the chances of him losing his job is high.