Manchester United are in a tight position presently. The club has had a staggering start to the season. They have lost three matches out of their ten Premier League appearances this season, conceding ten goals which leaves them at an average of 1.00 goals conceded per match. (Premier League Stat)

The obvious lack of depth in the Manchester United squad has really affected the club. Before their match against Norwich City over the weekend – the match ended in 3-1 – the Red Devils were sitting 13th in the Premier League table, two points above the relegation zone. The win against Norwich City, however, pushed them to seven on the Premier League table.

Most fans have been calling for the club manager’s head, just like they have done with managers from the past. Including the present manager, Manchester United has hired four different managers since Sir Alex Ferguson resigned as the manager of the club in 2013. Leading online bookmakers and sites like stoixima24 have Solskjaer on their shortlist of managers who will be the next to lose their Premier League jobs.

Through it all, some have shown their support for the club manager, Ole Gunnar, mostly because they feel he needs more time. One of those who have shown their support for the manager is club legend, Ryan Giggs.

It’s fair to say Ryan Giggs can be a sort of authority when it comes to matters of the club seeing as he played all his footballing career with the Red Devils and even got the chance to be the caretaker of the club for a few months before they found a permanent manager.

While speaking at the United Stand as seen on the Express, Giggs expressed his concerns about the club while baring his mind on what he feels the club needs.

“We need to bring quality in. Ole has brought three in who are all doing well.

“His dealings have been very good so far. Give him the money other managers have had to get Manchester United players.

“Get another five or six players like that in, we will see a real difference. They are missing that creative player.

“It is no coincidence, the best performances have been against good teams. The lesser teams are always harder to break down.

“We are probably just a bit shy of them creative players and I think Ole recognizes that.

“It has been a difficult start. As far as Ole is concerned, I know him well, as a player and person.

“He is going to need time. Since the manager left, different philosophies and types of players and Ole is trying to turn that around.

“He is looking at the future and trying to win games at the same time. It is difficult.

“When you are in a league with Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola fantastic, established coaches. I don’t care who came in, it was never going to be easy.”


It’s not news anymore that the club has an issue up front with wingers and the midfield is not that strong. To battle that problem, all the club manager needs to do is make sure he brings in wingers and a creative midfield that will be the driving force of the club. Even though that might not look like an immediate solution right now as he’ll need to wait till when the transfer window resumes in January, it’s something he should consider for a long term plan.