Manchester United has had a rough season under Ole Gunnar and it’s still too early into the season. The main reason for their turbulent start of the season is the lack of squad depth. A couple of injuries, with some of their players not being in their top form, has seen the club fall deep on the Premier League table.

The thirteen times Premier League winners now sit in the 13th position on the Premier League table, hanging by a tiny thread, two points away from falling into the relegation zone.

This is bad for the club and the fans alike as they remain the butt of the joke on any Premier League related discussion.

In frustration at how Manchester United has become, club legend Roy Keane pleaded with the club manager, Ole Gunnar Solskajaer to go get Spurs striker, Harry Kane and has gotten a response to his plea from the Manchester United coach.

Ole Gunnar admitted his side is lacking a classic goal-scorer in the guise of Kane but was diplomatic in his response to former teammate Keane.

“Roy’s quite straight-forward isn’t he? For us it’s working hard, getting Anthony (Martial) back is going to be a massive boost for us and I’m sure when Anthony comes back that’ll help Marcus (Rashford) as well.

“With the forwards we’ve got, with the pace and the skills I’m looking forward to the next few weeks.

“There aren’t many (Robert) Lewandowskis and Harry Kanes. They’re like (Alan) Shearer, (Ruud) Van Nistelrooy – fantastic goalscorers.

“Ours are different types of players, but I have to say I like someone who can finish half a chance and he does that. He’s one of the best, but he’s a Tottenham player.”

“I think the Europa League is important for us. It’s a tournament, which the last time we were in it we won it. But you can’t rely on a cup tournament on winning it. There might be luck or might be injuries.

“The Champions League for next season is an aim. If it’s top four or Europa League it doesn’t matter. We’re still not in November and talking about not being in top four at the moment – you’re a little bit early there.”

Next step

As seen in his speech, Ole Gunnar has made it known the aim is to play the Champions League next season and plans might have been in order to set the ball rolling. The manager seems to know what he is doing but waiting for Anthony Martial and Rashford to bounce back might not get him to that place he wishes to go.

Getting Harry Kane isn’t such a bad idea also but even if Ole Gunnar chooses to get the English striker, the chances of him coming to Manchester United are slim. With that out of the way, the likely option for Manchester United to get if they’ll be getting a player at all is Mandzukic.

Manchester United is a club with enough resources to get whoever they want and with the critical position they are in right now, getting a quality striker might not be such a bad idea.


The coming days are not going to be easy for the club, fans and players alike. There are expectations, and the club is falling below those expectations. For a club that has hired four coaches in the past six years, the end of the road might not be near at all.