In 2018, Manchester United has sacked Jose Mourinho and it all seemed like the right thing to do after the ex-Man United coach fell out with a couple of players and had the club nosedive in performance. This is almost the end of 2019 and that decision has started looking like one of the biggest mistakes the club ever made.

Most fans and football pundits criticized Mourinho for his old style and in all of those, everyone would agree he had the best performance out of all the managers brought in as a replacement for Sir Alex Ferguson.

During his time as Manchester United’s manager, Mourinho won three trophies for the club – 1 Europa League, 1 League Cup and 1, Community Shield – with his Europa League victory putting Manchester United back in the league of champions.

This leaves the question of why he was sacked and if it was the right decision. Just like players, managers also have their own down-time and what Mourinho had can be easily tagged as that.

Ole Gunnar was brought in to take over from Mourinho, and he was supposed to be the one to take Manchester United out of the violent wave that threatens to drown them, but he doesn’t seem to know what that means.

The club is currently 13th on the Premier League table leaving them two points away from the relegation zone.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Mourinho was sacked.


For a club that had spent close to £400m on 11 players, it was normal for them to demand results. Even though the results were coming in gradually, the spending is enough to make the club management get impatient and ask for a quick fix to the club’s problem.

Club philosophy

Manchester United has had a structure guiding everyone attached to the club for years. The club philosophy is as important as any other thing and Jose Mourinho being the man that he is would rather just do things his own ways than have someone limit him by some rules.

This club philosophy guides everything and should be followed to the letter. This includes Manchester United’s attacking tradition which suffered in the time of Mourinho.

Player relationship

Mourinho is not the type to pamper people. He is a total opposite of that, the type that gets whatever he wants whenever he wants them. He demands result and that will explain why he fell out with players and some of the members of his own technical team as well.

Also, young players were not developed during his time which makes matters worse. The young players should always be ready as a back-up for important moments but they rarely got playing time under Mourinho.

Why sacking Mourinho was a mistake

Sacking Mourinho was a mistake because the Portuguese had plans for the club on a long term. He wanted to build a team but instead of sticking with him, the club sacked him.

United replaced the Portuguese boss with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who after a fine start that earned him the job on a permanent basis, has struggled to find consistent results.


Mourinho is not the type of manager anyone can boss around and with his previous experience with big clubs in Europe and in all of it, he has proven himself to be a performer. This shows only one thing and it is that Manchester United was too quick to sack him and has had to pay for the wrong decision they made.