As Manchester United finish 3rd and are back in The Big Time Next Season the Champions League. After an intense game against Leicester City, Manchester United completed the league calendar. Prior to Fernandes signing it seemed doubtful United would finish before Leicester City. Clawing back a 14-point deficit leaves the team finishing 3rd and gaining them entry back into The Champions League.

After a rocky start to the season, doubts arose as to whether Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had the capability to handle such a big team with his limited experience. However, with the final placing this seems to have brought belief back to the table that Solskjaer may actually be the right manager to turn ‘The Red Devils’ back around.

After the teams demotion last year Solskjaer decided to use the rest of the competition to ensure some of the younger players got their breeding ground to which six were introduced into play in the group stages.

After the criticism that hallowed around him, Solskjaer fired back “If I am getting criticised that makes me stronger and makes me believe more in what I am doing”. He also added “Please don’t praise me too much because you can become complacent. That’s just the way I am made”. With his fighting courage and next season ahead of them the regular starters face more playing time now they’ve entered back into the league.

Instead of the Europa League the coming season ahead will be in The Champions League and Solkjaer ensures things will be different, we want to move up in the league. He also ensures the team will not be taking their eyes off the league table, which is adding the extra pressure and demands onto the players. Manchester United are going to have to work harder than ever as they plan on a gruelling campaign and intense competition.

As United are set to play Lask Linz and is confirmed that the second leg of the 16th round on August 5th will be held at Old Trafford ground. With an outstanding advantage of 5-0 to United from the first leg they are looking hopeful to progress to the Quarter Finals set for August 10th where they will face either Copenhagen or Istanbul Besaksehir. With hope of progression into the Semi-Finals they face playing either Olympiakos, Wolves, Sevilla or Roma which is scheduled for August 16th, which then leads to the Finals on August 21st. All United games are to be shown in Cologne and already bookmakers are offering bookies free bets on many markets relating to the competition.

With United set to rumble the whole of summer as they pursue to land Jadon Sancho to the team. Scoring 17 goals and 16 assists as Dortmund finish 2nd in the table. Although United’s opening bid of £89m was turned down, it seems there are high hopes they will be returning with a higher improved offer. As the tension on all levels proceed, we wait in hope to see if United can continue to move forward and gain the victories they are longing for.